Acram Digital's Unmatched: Digital Edition
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Restoration Games and Acram Digital have finally launched the dedicated digital edition for Unmatched, the popular skirmish tabletop game that pits popular heroes from myths, history, fiction, popular culture and fairytales in fierce battles against one another, on Steam. The game’s popularity is now seeping into the digital medium with the title available on the digital marketplace as Unmatched: Digital Edition, along with plenty of characters in the works, a new terrain, and mechanics introduced.

Unmatched Skirmishes Arrive on Steam 

Since February 28, players can enjoy the full version of the game, and choose from characters such as Little Red Hood and Beowulf, along with a dedicated new battlefield, Heorot. Each of the characters is unique and requires a specific strategy to maximize the character’s efficiencies and capacity. 

Card combos will help Little Red Hood best her opponents in battle whereas Beowulf will be all about facing opponents head-on, mustering rage to power his card plays and unleash devastating attacks. The digital version of the game has actually left some room for experimentation with the game’s core mechanics, introducing the door mechanically.

Having the digital version is actually a very good thing for the tabletop community as well, as developers may quickly playtest and pilot new mechanics which can then be integrated into the tabletop medium as well. 

Lots of New Content in the Works 

A new mechanic that has to do with doors is introduced. The doors are an additional element on the battlefield that fighters will now be able to interact with. Closed doors would hinder the movement of characters and eliminate adjacency and block movement. Acram Digital will be releasing more characters with DLCs as part of the game’s model as it tests the waters moving forward and whether they will be sufficient interest in the game.

Acram Digital recommends players buy the Season Pass which will allow players to get all characters with over 50% discount. The base game is presently listed at $15.99, discounted from $19.99 on Steam. You can buy the Unmatched: Digital Edition Season Pass 1 for $24.99 on top of this. There are already some skin bundles to check out as well for further customization opportunities. 

The game has also been reviewed close to 100 times at the time of writing, so not a bad start for the Unmatched digital debut. Acram Digital has built a number of other successful tabletop adaptations, including Stone Age, Concordia, Charterstone, Steam: Rails to Riches, and others. Meanwhile, for the fans of the tabletop experience, Restoration Games has a new adventure-type game set in the Unmatched franchise coming.

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