Legend Story Studios' Bright Lights TCG set
Image: Legend Story Studios

The publisher and developer of Flesh and Blood TCG, Legend Story Studios, has announced a new booster set for the game, set to arrive on October 6, 2023. The new set, Bright Lights, will be based on the city of Metrix and focus on the Mechanologist class of heroes.

The set will acquaint players with Teklovossen, a brand new hero who is also the founder of Teklo Industries, and also further flesh out the narrative around Dash. Much of the new core set will be focused on understanding the city of Metrix, and its secrets. The new set comes at a time when Flesh and Blood TCG is particularly popular, with physical events bringing in thousands of attendees in the same venues.

As James White, founder and CEO of Legend Story Studios puts it, players will be drawn to the bright lights of the city and learn more about the big city of Rathe that the fandom is yet to visit. White added:

The city of wonder is equally matched by the innovative product design that offers fans a booster draft experience unlike anything else.

James White, founder and CEO of Legend Story Studios

White also outlined a few new perks that players may be keen to explore, including a new three-pack casual play format – Crack, Shuffle Play. This removes deck construction completely and is an easier way to introduce players to the experience. It’s the easiest way to start with a core booster product that ever existed in the TCG industry, White promised.

The new set will introduce 250 new cards along with fresh mechanics that have not been seen in the game previously. A particular element of the new set is the so-called Evo equipment which is combined with the player’s deck and can be used in the hero’s base equipment to create a unique mech suit combination. There will be pre-release events on September 29, 2023, through October 2, 2023, to get both existing and new fans of the game better acquainted with Bright Lights.

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