Star Wars Unlimited cards preview.
Image: Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games is determined to make Star Wars: Unlimited, the company’s upcoming and brand-new trading card game, work. The company is also keen to share with fans a first look at the cards, texts, and generally what to expect from the new game.

The new card game is an attempt to take on the fast-expanding – and increasingly profitable – TCG market and do it right. After misfiring with a few previous releases, Fantasy Flight Games is now confident that it has discovered the right formula for success.

Star Wars fans and longtime players of trading card games anywhere in the world are very welcome to have a shot at this new game, which is described as fast-paced and strategic. There will be randomized booster packs allowing players to get new strengths, abilities, and more. There will be 200 cards in the first set, Spark of Rebellion, bringing you tons of opportunities to enjoy the game.

Fantasy Flight Games also insists on an “infinite ways to play” approach, allowing players to explore the game in competitive and recreational ways. Players can craft their own decks to match any specific playstyle they have wished to discover in a TCG before. The company did offer much information about deckbuilding, however, confirming that such would be coming at a later date.

The game will invite players to perform a single action and then pass the baton to the next player. There is only one action that can be performed during a turn. Almost everything in the game is based on actions, the official preview post said. Of course, the onus will be on players to figure out which actions would be worthwhile ad which, not as much.

Fighting in the Skies and on the Ground

The action in Star Wars: Unlimited will take place both on the ground arena and space arena, with two playfields allocated to each player, with players possibly fighting on both fronts and choosing where to establish their dominance.

Some units will be able to affect other units as well, such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. There is a unique mechanic that tells players that they can have their leaders as “deployed” and “undeployed” adding another layer of entertainment and depth to the game, and growing the available decisions players can take to enjoy the game further.

Fantasy Flight Games is similarly excited about organized play and the company admits that it has had experience with previous attempts to launch card games and make them work. There will be a dedicated effort to build an Organized Play structure for Star Wars: Unlimited, however, and this is good news for the more competitive gamers amongst you!

Even then, the Organized Play will split into Casual Play and Competitive play, designed to ensure that people are having a lot of fun either way. As Fantasy Flight Games puts it, the company wants to make sure that the game truly feels welcoming to everyone who tries it. Whether Star Wars: Unilimited proves to be indeed one of the best Star Wars games to date remains to be seen.

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