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Star Wars Unlimited cards preview.

FFG Teases Star Wars First Set, Spark of Rebellion

Fantasy Flight Games is determined to make Star Wars: Unlimited, the company’s upcoming and brand-new trading card game, work. The company is also keen to share with fans a first look at the cards, texts, and generally what to expect from the new game. The new card game is an attempt to take on the fast-expanding – and increasingly profitable...
FFG's upcoming TCG Star Wars: Unlimeted

FFG and Lucasfilm Announce New TCG Star Wars Game

Lucasfilm and Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) have teamed up for a new trading card game set in the Star Wars universe. Star Wars: Unlimited is due to arrive in 2024, and the companies are determined to take a bite out of the TCG market pie, as they put it.  FFG Wants a Bite out of the TCG Pie with Star...