Games Workshop' newest Community Update.
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Games Workshop has released a community update on the official Warhammer Community website, informing fans of the franchise that the 40,000 plastic kit ranges will undergo another price hike of about 6%, with the company’s results for the half-year, ended on November 27, 2022, taking a hit.

New Price Hikes Not as Bad as They Seem

The average price hike is set at around £1.50 meaning that a Battle Sisters Squad would cost £37.50 from previously £36 when the change takes place. Games Workshop has explained that the increase in pricing is the result of mounting production costs which are affecting all manufacturers.

“Stuff costs more to make and more to move, and Warhammer is not immune to these changes,” the company explained in the update. The company explained that inflation is largely to blame and while the prices have been kept lower for the past year or so, a price adjustment is now necessary. 

Luckily, some of the most important things for hobbyists will keep their old prices. Those include starter sets, paint sets, paint pots, citadel tools, codexes, and rulebooks, among others. While these changes mostly remain okay for geographies that are closer to Games Workshop, Australia may bear the brunt of these hikes as it had during the pandemic when the prices for most miniatures continued to increase disproportionately. 

Games Workshop Reports Tepid Results in North America

In the meantime, the company shared its half-year results covering the six-month period that ended on November 27, 2022. The North American market saw a dip with the company reporting “slow ordering rates” both for its own stores and through third-party stores.

This comes at a time when Games Workshop has been expanding its retail presence in North America with more than 119 trade outlets opened. In the report, Games Workshop flatly stated that the present results had missed their intended target.

“This “isn’t where we wanted to be,” Games Workshop confirmed. However, the company is also optimistic about what is to follow next in North America. 

On the plus, any lingering impact of the COVID lockdowns is finally beginning to let up, meaning that the second financial half-year covering the period from December through May is expected to be much better. Overall, sales globally increased by 3.4% to £199.1 million or around $240 million at the time of reporting. 

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