Warhammer's Age of Sigmar Renown sets.
Image credit: Games Workshop

Games Workshop has more Warhammer goodies to offer us, and this time, six new sets are coming to the Age of Sigmar fantasy universe. The latest boxes by the publisher are called Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Regiments of Renown and they will be arriving to retail very soon. 

Six Box Sets to Strengthen Your Age of Sigmar Armies

Better yet, the boxes are already pre-configured for matched play, along with Pitched Battle profiles, rules for adding them to your existing Grand Alliances and new abilities along the way, notwithstanding any assembly you will have to do yourself.

Each regiment will also come with a hero which will make the entire action pivot around them, with other units of the battalion supporting the valuable miniature. The company is planning on six sets, each with its own unique abilities and allegiances.

Norgrimm’s Rune Throng features a Runelord, 10 Irondrakes, and 10 Longbeards. The set makes for a perfect addition to armies such as Sylvaneth and Kharadron Overlords, with the Runelord bringing a special Rune of Restored Hearth ability. 

The next set, Veremord’s Shamblers, comes with 21 miniatures and a ward-breaking graverobber at the helm to lead them into battle, a perfect addition to DEATH armies. The Coven of Thyrx features 14 miniatures, a summoner, and a gang of Tzeentchian daemons who will do their master’s bidding. As you have probably guessed, this is a perfect addition to CHAOS armies.

Elthwin’s Thorns comes with 6 half-mad Sylvaneth and their zephyrwing sprites in the box, part of the ORDER armies. There is also Big Grikk’s Kruleshots that comes with 7 monster hunter miniatures who are joining the DESTRUCTION ranks. 

The Hargax’s Pit-beasts box features three beasts including Hargrax who will once again help the armies of CHAOS gain the upper hand in battle. These boxes come at a time when Games Workshop is once again expanding the Warhammer universe. 

Recently, the company announced a number of Warhammer 40K: Boarding Actions Boxed Sets to give the new mode a bit of an extra nudge. 

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