Gamers Workshop Boarding Patrol's latest sets.
Image credit: Gamers Workshop

Gamers Workshop’s boxed sets have been a delight for many fans of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and novices who have ventured into it to explore its seemingly endless conflicts. If anything, boxed sets have allowed the Warhammer miniatures hobby to truly take off, and the arrival of The Arks of Omen: Balefleet Battleforce and the Boarding Patrol: Space Marines, along with the new game mode, “Boarding Actions,” they represent definitely has us stoked. The sets are coming out on February 11

Space Marines and Chaos Fighting Force Ready to Move 

The new boxed sets are excellent additions to the hobby, and they feature the Chaos fighting force as part of The Arks of Omen: Balefleet Battleforce with 17 plastic miniatures, which will introduce you to excellent models from the Chaos army’s composition.

Players get to enjoy Daemon Prince, a Heldrake, and five Chaos Space Marine Terminators, along with 10 Possessed and a transfer decal sheet with 364 decals total, allowing these new arrivals to fit your Chaos army and be a part of a full-blown workforce. The miniatures require assembly and are not painted. The Daemon Prince is a brand new sculpture which could prove too much of an itch for those of you who are keen on collecting more of the hobby, or their particular Chaos faction. The price of the set is set at $210 for retail.

The other boxed sets you can buy focuses on the traditional Space Marines characters. Boarding Patrol: Space Marines, which are tailored to help out with Games Workshop’s new “Boarding Actions” mode which is solely focused on emulating the experience of boarding an enemy spaceship and combatting relying on trained squads of infantry, no vehicles involved. 

The party consists of 16 models with the captain all wrought out in a Gravis Armor, five Heavy Intercessors and 10 Assault Intercessors all part of your party moving forward. There is also an Ultramarines decal sheet which includes 299 transfers with the retail price of the copy going $110. 

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