Combat Patrol: World Eaters
Image credit: Games Workshop

Games Workshop has finally confirmed that Combat Patrol: World Eaters is finally coming to pre-order, further adding to the ever-expanding list of Combat Patrol box sets. After being unexpectedly delayed due to undisclosed reasons, the much-anticipated box set is sure to please any blood-crazed follower of Khorne (hopefully, just on the tabletop). World Eaters will contain a bunch of high-quality minis, including:

  • 20 Khorne Berzerkers – these crazed fanatics are absolute juggernauts unmatched in melee combat, and their Butcher’s Nails make sure that their murderous rampage does not end until the enemy is destroyed.
  • 10 Jakhals – even though they are merely human, these elite Cultists of Khorne emulate their World Eaters masters in any way they can, throwing themselves at their enemies with reckless abandon.
  • A World Eaters Lord on a Juggernaut – this is an extremely flexible leader, who can also be built as the mighty Lord Invocatus, also known as Khorne’s Thunderbolt.

And as it turns out, this Combat Patrol box set might hold the most value out of all of its predecessors. If one were to buy each model as a single copy, Lord Invocatus alone costs $60, the Jakhals – $50; and the Khorne Berzerkers – $120, with a total cost of $230 for all models.

Value All Around, and Then Some!

Provided that Combat Patrol: World Eaters will cost as much as a typical Combat Patrol – about $150, and taking the above prices into account, this means that the Combat Patrol: World Eaters saves you $80 from a single buy, which is more than a 33% discount in price. Now that is extreme value!

But how valuable is it exactly? What can you actually do with a Combat Patrol: World Eaters box? Well, that depends on what your intentions are. Naturally, you can go straight to a game of Combat Patrols –  a done deal. But given the monetary value of this particular box, value-seeking army builders may want to get a copy just to start their 500+ point Khornate army. If that’s the case, the discount value might not actually be enough.

As it stands, Combat Patrol: World Eaters is a good place to start if you’re planning to build a World Eaters army, given the amount of Berzerkers you’ll be getting – the backbone of any Khornate force.

Unfortunately, the box does not come with any of the Eightbound or Khornate Terminators – elite units, which were teased beforehand. If you are looking for that sweet 2000-point-army that is competent in the standard Warhammer 40,000 tabletop, you will have to invest in some models that are not included in the box set. That said, Combat Patrol: World Eaters is still definitely worth the buy.

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