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Mantic Games' The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: All Out War Returns Mantic Games Confirms

The Walking Dead: All Out War will be back in 2024 after the creators left many fans of the franchise and the tabletop experience without much confidence about the future of the project. Originally designed in 2016 by Mark Latham, the game saw significant interest in its gameplay, and although it wasn’t an immediate success in places such as...
The components and game box of Zombicide Undead or Alive.

Best Zombie Board Games

There are many ways to be a part of the zombie apocalypse. You may survive it, or you may become an easy snack for a shuffling horde or flesh-eaters. The best zombie board games allow you to be either!  Whatever your playstyle, board games about zombies are a fun way to experience the cooperative and survivalist genre, and generally have...