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Unexpected Games' 3000 Scoundrels cover art and release date.

Unexpected Games’ “3000 Scoundrels” Gets a Release Date

Unexpected Games (part of Asmodee North America) just announced the release date of their western-inspired board game “3000 Scoundrels”, which will officially release on October 7. Pre-orders are currently available on Asmodee’s official website and on Amazon for $49.95. The game puts players in an alternative Wild West environment, where they will try and create the toughest and roughest team...
Unexpected Games' 3000 Scoundrels new card-driven game.

Unexpected Games Reveals “3000 Scoundrels,” a Game of Bluffing and Wit

“3000 Scoundrels” by Unexpected Games is a card-driven board game that wants to do its name justice. The game features “thousands of unique characters” along with bluffing and engine building as its core mechanics. Surviving the Wild West and Outwitting Your Opponents Designed by Corey Konieczka, the head of studio at Unexpected Games, the game will expect from you to build...