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Sleepaway RPG art

UK Games Expo Directors Issue Apology After Blocking LGBTQ Content

This year’s UK Games Expo did not go without controversy, as a tabletop RPG was blocked from appearing due to themes of sexuality and queerness. As previously predicted, 2023 was a major success for the UK Games Expo, smashing the attendance record and cementing a successful post-COVID recovery. However, this latest controversy caused a lot of negative reactions, which...
UKGE's expo floor.

UKGE 2023 Smashes Attendance Records with 32,000 Unique Visitors

The UK Games Expo was one of the biggest events on the calendar if you are based in Europe, and possibly beyond. The hype was, as they say, “real,” with 32,000 unique visitors descending on NEC and the Hilton to attend this year’s edition which resulted in the biggest turnup in the event’s history. The overall number of attendance stood at 52,000, which marks the event’s strong draw, but also the...
UK Games Expo Awards 2023

The UKGE Reveals The 2023 Awards Shortlist and Is to Return to Full Capacity

The largest Hobby Games Convention in the UK, the UK Games Expo (UKGE), has revealed its 2023 Awards Shortlist. There are a lot of interesting titles this year, but few titles stand out - more specifically tabletop adaptations from movies and books, making them instantly recognizable for casual and hardcore gamers alike. Our readers will be quick to recognize...