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TCGunion-CWA's photo.

TCGunion-CWA Accuses eBay of Stall Tactics and Busting

The TCGunion-CWA union - eBay battle continues, with union members and their supporters alike appearing to be reaching their boiling point, claiming that TCGplayer's new parent company, eBay, is using union-busting tactics to bully the union out of a contract and discouraging unionization within the company altogether. The union and its supporters chose to show their displeasure by holding an...
TCGplayer's official logo and store.

TCGPlayer Gives Workers Greenlight to Unionize

The world’s leading store for trading card games, the aptly named TCGplayer, has agreed to give its workers the right to form a union and agreed to bargain with its representatives. The Twitter account of the union confirmed the news, with the to-and-fro between the eBay-owned company and its workers dragging for a while now.  The employees at TCGplayer set out...