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Dicebreaker's Tabletop Awards 2023

Dicebreaker Reveals Winners for Tabletop Awards 2023

Dicebreaker’s Tabletop Awards have completed their second edition with the 2023 event held at PAX Unplugged distinguishing publishers, designers, and artists. Importantly, this now-annual event has paid close attention to categories that have been often overlooked in other similar formats, using the Tabletop Awards 2023 to distinguish companies and individuals who play a significant role in popularizing the hobby. Find...
Dicebreaker Awards' team.

Dicebreaker Announces Their New Annual “Tabletop Awards”

Good news for all board game enthusiasts - Dicebreaker has announced a brand new annual awards event titled “Tabletop Awards''. The awards are set to make their debut at this year’s PAX Unplugged. The nominations will be open for games that have been released in 2022. Note that there is an important detail for crowdfunded games - they must have...