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Nightfall Games' Terminator RPG artwork.

Terminator RPG Studio Catches and Removes AI-Content, But the Mistake Costs It

The jokes are appropriate. Yet for Nightfall Games, the studio behind The Terminator RPG, which is bringing the eponymous movie franchise to the tabletop, this is no laughing matter. In a post shared by the company on Tuesday, December 19, the studio confirmed that there were at least 16 illustrations from the T2 Judgement Day sourcebook which had been...
A new RPG is coming by R. Talsorian Games in 2024.

R Talsorian Games’s New Title, Shadowscar, Is Releasing in 2024

The studio behind Cyberpunk Red and The Witcher tabletop RPG will release an exciting new project set in its own universe. The world will be heavily anime-inspired, set in 17th-century Japan, and will feature creatures and heroes from traditional Japanese folklore. Shadowscar will also feature popular fantasy tropes and themes from fan-favorite sci-fi series such as Stargate, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners...
PAX Unplugged and Free League

Free League Launches The Walking Dead RPG, Check It at PAX Unplugged

Free League Press has announced the arrival of the long-anticipated The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game which is finally available and can be scooped up on the publisher’s official website. Survive or Tackle the Campaign Mode in The Walking Dead The game is committed to recreating the authentic survival experience of the post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world of the game. The Walking Dead...