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Balkan Railways by John Bohrer.

Rio Grande Games Brings More Games about Trains

Two more games that will focus on the train theme are soon to arrive in retail as Rio Grande Games gears up to introduce Balkan Railways and Wabash Cannonball on the shelves of your local hobby stores. If you love the theme, then the name of the designer should not surprise you. John Bohrer has a bit of a...
Rio Grande Games' Druids of the Elements.

Rio Grande Games Set to Release Druids of the Elements

Druids of the Elements is coming to retail soon enough, says Rio Grande Games, in a new update on their website. The game itself looks interesting, but there is little more than the game’s art to judge from. This new title, illustrated by Claus Stefan, Martin Hoffmann, and Mirko Suzuki, and designed by Federico Marcucci, is still pending according to...