Rio Grande Games' Druids of the Elements.
Image credit: Rio Grande Games

Druids of the Elements is coming to retail soon enough, says Rio Grande Games, in a new update on their website. The game itself looks interesting, but there is little more than the game’s art to judge from.

This new title, illustrated by Claus Stefan, Martin Hoffmann, and Mirko Suzuki, and designed by Federico Marcucci, is still pending according to the publisher. The game itself will play for anything between 2 and 8 people, and it will take approximately 45-90 minutes to complete.

But what is Druids of the Elements about? Well, the game has a medieval setting and, apparently, the Druids, which are central figures in this title, compete within a place called the Sacred Forest. The goal of each Druid is to be recognized as the Archdruid.

Become the Most Powerful Druid of Them All

Each player will control a Druid character and an Animal Companion, one of which is the Wolf. Now, Druids will also control nature’s elements, of which there are four in this game, specifically, water, air, fire, and earth – and very much aligned with medieval beliefs of natural elements!

The Druids will have to generate special stones called Magic Gems and then activate Druidic Runes to accomplish the goal of becoming the most recognizable name in the tribes. You want to make sure that you trigger the most powerful Runes in a specific order so that your peers would recognize them as the true Archdruid of the Forest.

Not much more is known at this point about the game. This seems to be Marcucci’s inaugural project in the board game hobby, or at least there are no other entries associated with the designer in BoardGameGeek, a prominent repository of board game artists, designers, games, publishers, and so much more.

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