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Awaken Realms' Nemesis: Retaliation Game Art

Nemesis: Retaliation Breaks Gamefound with $12.1M Crowdfunding Campaign

Awaken Realms and designer Adam Kwapiński have much to be cheerful about. Is it because Nemesis is one of the highest-rated space board games of all time? You could argue so, but it also has to do with the fact that the original Nemesis, rated 8.2 on BoardGameGeek, and becoming a staple of the “Aliens” genre, has just completed...
Awaken Realms and Gamefound new Nemesis campaign.

Nemesis Retaliation to Launch on Gamefound in Q4 2023

The Nemesis franchise takes a special type of people to enjoy it to its fullest, but if your group is those people then you will be thrilled to know that a third installment in the sci-fi horror series is underway. A Gamefound page has been set up hours ago, announcing the arrival of the series continuation, Nemesis: Retaliation. This is the good news. We...