Awaken Realms and Gamefound new Nemesis campaign.
Image credit: Awaken Realms

The Nemesis franchise takes a special type of people to enjoy it to its fullest, but if your group is those people then you will be thrilled to know that a third installment in the sci-fi horror series is underway. A Gamefound page has been set up hours ago, announcing the arrival of the series continuation, Nemesis: Retaliation. This is the good news.

We Take the Fight to the Aliens

The bad news is that we will have to wait until Q4 2023 before Awaken Realms can take our money. But this is okay, if we can wait long enough to hermitize and depressurize a random room on the ship, sending a crew mate into outer space, we can certainly wait long enough for the new game, which will be arriving at some point in 2024.

In Nemesis: Retaliation we take the fight to the aliens, diving into the source of their species and fighting them on their ground. Forget pilots and scientists. Players are going to gear up as marines and blast, burn, and shoot their way through the unrelenting hordes that keep coming at them. But just because you are staring down death – or perhaps precisely because of this – doesn’t mean your fellow soldiers won’t choose to save their skin first. 

Betrayal oozes at every step like the green goo you get on your shoes if you enter a slimed room in the original. Nemesis: Retaliation is every bit as determined to build upon the success of the previous games and its distinct DNA, while also pushing the series a notch further. You will get new tools and ways to engage against the aliens in this action-heavy chapter in the Nemesis franchise. 

Fans of the franchise and new players will enjoy this new game in equal measures, Awaken Realms assures. Designed by the original author, Adam Kwapiński, who is also the author of Lords of Hellas and Frostpunk: The Board Game, you have much to look forward to! 

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