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Sorry We Are French's ZhanGuo: The First Empire

Hachette Boardgames Bringing ZhanGuo: The First Empire in Q4 2023

Hachette Boardgames is set to release ZhanGuo: The First Empire in retail in the United States in the fourth quarter of the year. The game, originally released by Sorry We Are French, is set in 221 BC when all Warring States are brought together to form the Chinese empire, one of the greatest civilizational achievements of all times. Win the...
Scorpion Masque's upcoming boardgame for two, Sky Team.

Hachette Boardgames to Publish Sky Team by Scorpion Masque

Take to the skies and hope for the best – this is how you may sum up Sky Team by Scorpion Masque which will be distributed in US retail by Hachette Boardgames. The game is expected to hit hobby stores in Q4 2023, and it will provide players with one of the best board game experiences for two. Sky Team –...
Vaalbara gameplay in progress.

Hachette Boardgames to Release Vaalbara in US

Hachette Boardgames has earned a bit of a reputation for designing or at the very least – distributing – excellent Viking-themed games. After Northgard: Uncharted Lands, the company will be launching Vaalbara into US retail in May 2023. Vaalbara Will Put Your Hand Management Skill to the Test The game, designed by Studio H and designer Olivier Cipière, will have Neolithic clan...