Sorry We Are French's ZhanGuo: The First Empire
Image credit: Sorry We Are French

Hachette Boardgames is set to release ZhanGuo: The First Empire in retail in the United States in the fourth quarter of the year. The game, originally released by Sorry We Are French, is set in 221 BC when all Warring States are brought together to form the Chinese empire, one of the greatest civilizational achievements of all times.

Win the Favor of the First Chinese Emperor

The first empire is ruled by Qin Shi Huangdi who is aware of the vicissitudes and challenges that the newly-formed empire faces. Therefore, the ruler undertakes standardization reforms that are meant to bring together the Chinese and reunite them with a single script and currency, as well as a ruling and legal system. 

Emperor Qin similarly undertakes the building of the Great Wall and introduces numerous other architectural advances across the vastness 

In the game, 1-4 players will try to earn the right to join the terracotta army, the legendary magic army that the Empire would call forth to protect it from enemies when the time is right. Players will represent different families vying to climb up the social ladder of Chinese society in the early days of the empire. Making contributions to the Emperor’s plans will eventually end up yielding more points and allow you to win the game. 

The game itself is designed by Marco Canetta and Stefanin Niccolini. In the game, players will be given six cards that they need to manage in order to obtain the Emperor’s favor and win the game. ZhanGuo: The First Empire is set for ages 14+ and it will play between 60 and 120 minutes. 

Hachette Games recently announced that it’s planning to publish another excellent game, Sky Team by Scorpion Masque. In Sky Team, two players will tag-team and try to land planes safely as they travel around the world and score victory points, of course!

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