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Garphill Games' Ezra and Nehemiah

Garphill Games Reveals Ezra and Nehemiah Set for 2024

A new history-inspired tabletop blockbuster is on the cards by Garphill Games and designers S J Macdonald and Shem Phillips, the duo behind Wayfarers of the South Tigris, Paladins of the West Kingdom, and a number of excellent board games in the same family. The new game, Ezra and Nehemiah, finds inspiration in ancient Jerusalem, with the historic theme always present when Phillips and Macdonald...
The latest game by Shem Phillips, Shipwrights of the North Sea Redux

Shem Phillips Confirms Shipwrights of the North Sea Redux

Shem Phillips and Garphill Games are back with more beloved games set in familiar and new franchises. During a YouTube stream, Phillips spoke about a number of his upcoming projects to the joy of fans of the designer’s established games, to wit Wayfarers of the South Tigris, Architects of the West Kingdom and yes, Raiders of the North Sea. Players Will Be Building...
The official cover art for Legacy of Yu, Graphill Games' new title.

Garphill Games Presents Upcoming “Legacy of Yu” Board Game

The studio behind the “North Sea” and “West Kingdom” sagas - Garphill Games – is set to release a new board game, based on ancient Chinese history, called “Legacy of Yu”. “Legacy of Yu” Delivers on the Familiar Garphill Games Design Right off the bat - the artwork of “Legacy of Yu” is visually stunning. Sam Phillips, the game’s illustrator, does...