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Tiles from Stonemaier Games' Expeditions.

Check Out Scythe’s Sequel, Expeditions, and Its Quest System

On February 1, the publisher of acclaimed strategy board game Scythe, Stonemaier Games, announced the franchise’s new upcoming sequel called Expeditions and players are already looking forward to it, with a good number having pre-ordered from the official website already. Expeditions and Building upon the Scythe Legacy Released in 2016, Scythe is an engine-building game where players must conquer territories, win new recruits, collect...
Expeditions' game components, a game based on the Scythe universe.

Scythe Sequel Expeditions Now Available for Preorder

The beloved franchise "Scythe" is back with Stonemaier Games announcing a spin-off from the popular game now available for pre-order with deliveries expected by mid-2023. “Expeditions,” as the new title is called, will feature brand new mechanics but remain loyal to the art, overall feel, and connection that fans have for the game that it is founded on. Tread the...