Expeditions' game components, a game based on the Scythe universe.
Image credit: Stonemaier Games

The beloved franchise “Scythe” is back with Stonemaier Games announcing a spin-off from the popular game now available for pre-order with deliveries expected by mid-2023. “Expeditions,” as the new title is called, will feature brand new mechanics but remain loyal to the art, overall feel, and connection that fans have for the game that it is founded on.

Tread the Frosty Tundra and Explore on the Back of a Mech

Speaking of similarities, the setting is indeed one you will immediately recognized if you have played Scythe. Set in the alternate history of a post-war Siberia and Eastern Europe, players will be vying for dominance in the 1920s. The frozen tundra is ruled over by belligerent people who use mechanized units to gain advantage over their opponents and unlock new economic and military developments.

Jamey Stegmaier is once again in the driver’s seat of gameplay design, and he has entrusted Jakub Rozalski with the reimagination of the world. The good news is that the three-year development has been officially completed with production beginning in March and fulfilment arriving shortly after in July.

As we have seen with other titles launched recently, Stonemaier Games has been able to deliver on production timelines with unfaltering accuracy in both “Tapestry” and “Wingspan,” and many of the company’s other titles for that matter.  Then, there is the gameplay, the undeniable linchpin of the entire “Expeditions” experience.

Look at Expeditions Gameplay and Features

And so, the game is generous in terms of player count with one to five players competing against each other and once again relying  on cards and tile movement to solidify their positions on the battlefield.

Five massive mechs will represent each of the warring factions and travel to new destinations to obtain even more cards that will be leveraged as an important resource to help secure a victory in the game. The game is mech-focused where you will continue to improve your mechanized ally in order to have the upper hand when you encounter other players.

With a game time of 60 to 90 minutes, Stonemaier Games is confident that the nostalgia for Scythe will be evident in the game, but the gameplay will be refreshing and an attempt to further push board game mechanics in a good way.

There will be hand as well as smart resource management to factor in. Whether the game will prove the same success as Scythe remains to be seen, but the community has received what it has seen very well.

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