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Archangelis at Gamefound

Archangelis Deckbuilder Gamefound Campaign Launches

Archangelis Games has launched the Gamefound campaign for the Archangelis, a deck-building game for 2 players, played in 30-60 minutes and fit for ages 13+. The game centers on a pretty standard dynamic with the two players granted access to a deck of low-level angels, the publisher explains.  Demons and Angels Vie in a Celestial Battle  Each turn, players will have...
Star Realms' deckbuilder gameplay and game.

Best Deck Building Board Games

The deck building genre fascinates board game players. It’s a perfect substitute for collectible and trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering or Disney Lorcana. It concentrates the possible choices down to fixed box sets, allowing players to focus on the gameplay and less so on finding the next good card at a reasonable rate.The best deck building...