Archangelis at Gamefound
Image: Archangelis Games

Archangelis Games has launched the Gamefound campaign for the Archangelis, a deck-building game for 2 players, played in 30-60 minutes and fit for ages 13+. The game centers on a pretty standard dynamic with the two players granted access to a deck of low-level angels, the publisher explains. 

Demons and Angels Vie in a Celestial Battle 

Each turn, players will have the opportunity to purchase new cards and add them to their decks, as they develop their army – a pretty standard deckbuilding mechanic. Angels, though, are not the only option, as players may specialize in Demons as well, and create hordes of infernal creatures.

Angels will also wield powerful artefacts, such as relics, that add further might to their performance. Humans can also be added to your decks, whether you are an angel or a demon player, with the game standing out with a highly thematic setting. 

There are also miracle cards that will change the pace and dynamic with each card revealed. Players will continue to build their armies and challenge one of the three locations in play, Archangelis Games explains. The more challenging a victory achieved, the more rewarding a victory would be.

A player is looking to win all three locations in order to seal the game and add a victory to their name. Conquered locations will too further empower you, which begs the question – how is Archangelis going to balance one player winning one or two locations too quickly? 

The designer, Todd Bartine, seems confident enough in the balancing act as the game’s campaign already features add-ons that expand the title for anything between 2-4 players. The core set of the title can be bought for just $25 through the Gamefound campaign. There are a number of interesting editions to try out as well.

Tons of Archangelis Goodies to Snap at Gamefound 

For example, a core set and two playmats come at a cost of $65. Retailers may purchase 5 core sets for $120,000 or five complete sets, including a Deluxe Rulebook, Deluxe Box, all 102 cards, Four Player add-on, Commander add-on, Unlikely Allies add-on, and World Locations add-on for $260. 

If this seems a little too overly specific, the time has come for you to check out the Gamefound campaign for Archangelis. The theme seems inspired enough, but executing and translating this into a robust gaming experience is truly what matters to most players. 

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