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Cyclades: Legendary Edition

Cyclades: Legendary Edition Raises $320,000 on Kickstarter in Hours

The smashing Ancient mythology, deity-pleasing, and monster-slaying hit Cyclades is back on Kickstarter, 14 years after the release of the original game in 2009. Cyclades: Legendary Edition is the game’s long-overdue overhaul which brings together Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc again to craft the vivid and evocative world of the Cyclades franchise immortalized in a number of expansions over...
The artwork for Cyclades: The Legendary Edition.

Cyclades: Legendary Edition Is Coming to Kickstarter

Cyclades is perhaps one of the best city-building civilization games about Ancient Greece and mythology in general. The original was released in 2009 with a bunch of follow-up expansions designed to cater to player bases ever since and notable additions to the base game keeping interested in it very much alive.  Deities of Old Come Clashing Anew in Cyclades: Legendary Edition  Now,...