Cyclades: Legendary Edition
Image: OpenSesame Games

The smashing Ancient mythology, deity-pleasing, and monster-slaying hit Cyclades is back on Kickstarter, 14 years after the release of the original game in 2009. Cyclades: Legendary Edition is the game’s long-overdue overhaul which brings together Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc again to craft the vivid and evocative world of the Cyclades franchise immortalized in a number of expansions over the years.

The new game is now finally crowdfunding on Kickstarter with the campaign starting on Thursday, June 29 and gathering hefty momentum with $320,000 pledged in less than 24 hours by 2,705 backers. Cyclades: Legendary Edition is being published by Open Sesame Games and is illustrated by Miguel Coimbra.

The release is due in 2024 and it will once again have 2-6 players compete over pleasing the Gods and gaining favor as they travel the Greek archipelagos in fight with mythical creatures. The game plays in 60-90 minutes and is fit for ages 13+.

An Improved and Revamped Cyclades Edition

Legendary Edition is a reworked version of the original and features all expansion from the previous game. The new game has also been designed with replayability and variability in mind, as players have the opportunity to build the map differently and deploy new strategies with every setup.

Other interesting features in the game include the specific game configurations. Players can enjoy the Classic mode for 3-5 players or embark on a Team adventure for 4-6 players. Improvements have been made for the two-player mode as well. Most of the game will still boil down to players scoring well across four main areas of expertise – economic, intellectual heroic, and military.

To win a game, a player would need to control three metropolises which may not seem too challenging right now, but it will definitely come with its own set of unique pitfalls once you face player opposition and whatever favor they have been able to curry with the all-potent deities.

Stoyan Todorov

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