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The 25th anniversary edition of Hasbro's Cranium

Cranium Is Back With a Brand New Reimagined Look For Its 25th Anniversary

The popular family game Cranium is making a comeback in a big way for its upcoming 25th Edition, complete with a new reimagined modern look and a brand new game inside. Cranium was created by Cranium, Inc., and was first released in 1998, quickly becoming a hit, smashing records and taking the board game scene by storm, winning the...
Hasbro Gaming's Cranium

New Cranium Editions Are in the Works by Hasbro and Funko Games

Cranium, a popular party board game originally released in 1998 and designed by Whit Alexander and Richard Tait, is coming back in 2023. The new edition is going to be published by Funko Games and Hasbro who will work on an entirely new line of party games inspired by the Cranium franchise. Hasbro and Funko Games Double Down on New...