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Capstone Games and South Africa

Capstone Games Launch Another Train Game Focused on South Africa

Capstone Games has announced the Kickstarter campaign for the latest iteration of its popular The Iron Rail Series focused around South Africa, La Pampa, and Allegheny. Additionally, Capstone Games further revealed the additions of custom metal train models in the upcoming game. The announcement was made via a Twitter post. https://twitter.com/Capstone_Games/status/1674058880983216133 Train buffs and rail enthusiasts will have to exercise patience,...
Weimar: The Fight for Democracy's cover for the upcoming board game.

“Weimar: The Fight for Democracy” Coming to Kickstarter on September 6

“Weimar: The Fight for Democracy” by Capstone Games, Skellig Games and Spielworxx is finally coming to Kickstarter on September 6, designer Matthias Cramer confirmed on Twitter. Seeped in historic significance, the game recounts the events of November 9, 1918, when workers in Berlin staged a strike that led to the toppling of the German monarchy. Fight for Democracy or Indulge...