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Brotherwise Games' Overboss Duel.

Brotherwise Games Reveals Overboss Duel

Overboss by Brotherwise Games is an original family abstract board game released in 2021 and fit for 1-5 players. In the game, players try to conquer a mysterious place known as the Overworld where they seek to establish themselves as the Overboss. Sporting a light theme of fun art, the Overboss franchise is now growing, courtesy of popular demand. Fight...
Castles by the Sea's official box, art and components.

Brotherwise Games to Launch Castles by the Sea in August 2023

A new game by Brotherwise Games, authors of “Night of the Ninja,” “Call to Adventure” and “Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game,” is set to release on August 16, 2023. The latest addition to this lineup, Castles by the Sea, is a game that focuses on building and rebuilding tiny sandcastles across the board as nature's elements and...