Brotherwise Games' Overboss Duel.
Image Source: Brotherwise Games

Overboss by Brotherwise Games is an original family abstract board game released in 2021 and fit for 1-5 players. In the game, players try to conquer a mysterious place known as the Overworld where they seek to establish themselves as the Overboss. Sporting a light theme of fun art, the Overboss franchise is now growing, courtesy of popular demand.

Fight in Head-to-Head Battles to Conquer the Overworld  

Brotherwise Games has confirmed the latest instalment in the franchise, Overboss Duel, which will be released on September 20, 2023, and add fresh threads to tug at in the puzzly patchwork that is the original game! In the new version of the game, players will participate in head-to-head battles and try to once again dominate the Overworld. 

Players will share a board and will be drafting and placing terrain and monster tokens all across the battlefield. Each terrain will provide players with a different set of points and their own unique abilities, allowing each individual participant to, make their stake on the Overworld known and get them closer to victory.

Brotherwise Games has chosen to brand Overboss Duel as a standalone copy of the franchise, but you can just as well add it to the core gameplay and expand on the original experience. Overboss Duel plays in 20-30 minutes and will be available in retail for $29.95. As to the gameplay itself, it’s pretty much inspired by the original. 

Plenty of Familiar Action and New Twists 

You will be able to draft Forests, Caves, Camps, Swamps, Dungeon Entrances, and Graveyards along with other landscapes to advance your own agenda and become the Overboss yourself. To get the most out of each terrain though, you would need to seek optimal placements for each of the tiles you draft and possibly deny and disrupt your opponents’ moves.

The new game is chockful of components to make the experience a lot of fun, but admittedly a bit smaller than the original. In Overboss Duel you get 60 terrain tiles, 50 monster tokens, 5 crystal tokens, 15 hero tokens, 7 spire tokens, 6 miniboss tokens, 6 boss cards, 5 terrain selection cards and the customary double-sided Duel board along with a scorepad, a token bag, and rulebook. The company is also launching Castles by the Sea in August.

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