The cover of Sword and Sorcery, a game by Ares Games.
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Sword & Sorcery” published by Ares Games has become one of the latest games to be featured in The Game Kitchen’s “All On Board” VR solution. Currently, crowdfunding on Kickstarter, “All On Board” has been able to raise close to $40,000 with 20 days to go until the campaign’s end.

“Sword & Sorcery” Joins Licensable Games on “All On board”

The company has already revealed a number of games that will be available to play in a virtually reality setting. The include “Hamlet,” “Rallyman GT,” Black Rose Wars,” “Escape the Dark Castle,” “Steam Watchers,” “Istanbul,” and “Infinity Defiance.”

Four more reveals are due on July 22, July 26, July 28 and August 2. The Game Kitchen’s VR solution can be thought of in terms of what Board Game Arena does for the community. Players will be able to purchase the license for a number of games and then host parties with their friends who only need to register and have the appropriate gear to play in VR.

This means that just like in real life, you would not need for every player to buy the game, albeit only the owners would be able to host the games. The solution is in development for SteamVR and Meta Quest 2, with more platforms planned down the road. Thanks to the most recent reveal, “Sword & Sorcery” will be among the games you can play.

The game is one of the most highly praised adventure miniatures game. Set as an epic-fantasy cooperative board game, the game features anything from one to five players who vie against the forces of evil and seek to deliver a magical world from its troubles.

“Sword & Sorcery” has been rated more than 4,300 times on Board Game Geek and has attained a rating of 8.0, making it a distinguished title in the pantheon of board gaming. Designed by Simone Romano and Nunzio Surace the game will now find new life in the VR solution by The Game Kitchen.

“All On Board” Determined to Happen

The good news is that the Kickstarter is already fully funded at the time of writing with more than the original $25,000 collected. The campaign ends on August 11, which will inevitably lead to more backers as the word gets out. In fact, the project unlocked a new goal enabling players to stream their session just a day or so ago.

The team behind the project acknowledges that there are sufficient technological challenges to realizing “All On Board.” However, VR and digital editions are likely to be a part of the future of the hobby. Here is a chance to get it right.

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