Image Source: The Game Kitchen

Game developer The Game Kitchen has revealed a new project called “All on Board!” that seeks to bring your tabletop gaming to virtual reality. The new project is already on Kickstarter and enjoying healthy backing from the community, surpassing the original pledge goal of $25,000 to get the project off the ground.

Moving forward, The Game Kitchen hopes to create a product that enables players to buy board games that can then be played in VR setting, and shared by friends, so that only one person needs to make the purchase.

This comes with a licensing structure that will allow players to join the virtual reality experience if they have secured the license of the game, or have been invited by their friends with the copies.

Building the Perfect Virtual Reality Setting for Board Gaming

The project is the latest that bifurcates the board gaming experience into the physical and digital worlds. “All on Board!” sets out to complement the traditional board games experience, not usurp it. There are already a number of successful digital releases of board games at Board Game Arena, Steam, and other platforms. Meanwhile, The Game Kitchen has already introduced some of the games that will be available on its new platform.

A total of six titles, to name “Istanbul,” “Infinity Defiance,” “Rallyman GT,” “Sword & Sorcery,” “Nova Aetas Black Rose Wars,” and “Escape the Dark Castle” will all be available for play when the project releases. There will be six more titles announced soon as well.

The project starting support tag is only $20, which will give players access to the platform, along with accessors and prominent status in the Discord community. Next is the $40 pledge which allows players to acquire a Backerpass Basic tier which will allow them to pick three of the available games and the licenses to play them on the VR platform.

Next is the Complete – Early Bird tier which will be available for $80 and grant access to all 12 titles available. The platform seeks to explore development and community-created comment as well and will support a library of user-generated board games, playing spaces, and more accessories.

The Game Kitchen will enable players to create new experiences and modifications using an interactive UI as opposed to coding, for example. The platform wants to take this experience further by ensuring a cross-play experience, creating a matchmaking system for more competitive-minded players, perhaps, and enabling players to issue direct invitations to play.

More Releases Supported in SteamVR, MetaQuest, and Others

To access The Game Kitchen, players will need to pledge support to the Kickstarter campaign. The finished product itself will be available later this year. There are more game reveals slated for July 22, July 26, July 28, and August 2.

The environment will be supported in SteamVR and MetaQuest, Facebook’s parent company VR entity. The Game Kitchen plans on supporting Pico Neo 3 and Meta Cambria, and a range of other standalone devices. The product is going to emulate the Board Game Arena model in which only one person needs to have the license for the game for guests to join and play.

The Game Kitchen will play to consumers’ love for modifications to their virtual avatars and digital personalities, offering various “metaverse” objects along with a variety of gaming environments.  The Kickstarter ends on August 11, 2022 at 6:00 pm UTC + 3:00.

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