Rivet Wars' original 2014 kickstarter campaign by CMON which raised more than $580,000.
Image Source: CMON

Board games publisher Steamforged Games has acquired the intellectual property for “Rivet Wars,” a miniatures-driven tabletop game launched in 2014. The out-of-print game was developed by Ted Terranova, himself a video game designer known for his work on a number of genre-defining real-time strategies such as Rise of Nations, Age of Empires III and Kingdoms of Amaury: Reckoning.

Steamforged Games and Original Rivet Wars Designer to Work Together

Under Steamforged Games, “Rivet Wars” is expected to find a new life with the publisher looking forward to reviving the franchise and bringing a cult classic back to players to experience again. The board games hobby has grown significantly over the past ten years, making the acquisition auspicious and timely.

Commenting on this move, Steamforged Games Founder & CEO Rich Loxam said that “Rivet Wars” is an old-time favorite of the company’s team who are avid board gamers themselves. Loxam confirmed that the company will work with Terranova on the reimagined version.

Rivet Wars is a cult classic and has long been a favorite amongst the SFG team. It’s been great to work with Ted on the acquisition and we are really excited for the future of the brand.

Steamforged Games Founder & CEO Rich Loxam

Terranova himself was equally excited to have this opportunity and resuscitate the original. He confirmed that the game will have a new future with Steamforged Games and he commended the reliability, credibility and creativity of the company. Terranova added:

Rivet Wars was always a passion project, so it gives me huge satisfaction to know it’s in safe hands. I can’t wait to see where they take the game next.

Rivet Wars designer Ted Terranova

The new partnership was hailed by Steamforged Games Founder and Chief Creative Officer Mat Hart who said that he had been a huge fan of the original IP, and outlined some of the future plans for the game under SFG’s hat:

The world of Rivet is such a fun and exciting place and we have huge plans for where we can take the original concept. We want to develop the game in an exciting and unique direction, that original fans will love, but will also capture the imagination of new fans alike.

Steamforged Games Founder and Chief Creative Officer Mat Hart

While the reimagine “Rivet Wars” will possibly take some time to arrive, the game itself is a cornerstone game. The miniatures tactical game branches away from the Warhammer universe and sets out to deliver on a fantastic component and gameplay quality.

Rivet Wars’ Is Inspired by Dieselpunk

The game itself is inspired by Dieselpunk, a futuristic sci-fi concept, which is visible in the game’s design. Each player takes control over one of the warring factions and seeks to lead their team to victory, using diesel-powered vehicles, weaponry and even armor. The original “Rivet Wars” prides itself on tactical gameplay inspired by the video games Terranova helped work on.

Steamforged Games is a leading UK tabletop games developer and publisher. The company has developed a number of original and video game-inspired experiences, including “Monster Hunter World: The Board Game,” “DARK SOULS: The Board Game,” “Epic Encounters,” and many more. The addition of “Rivet Wars” to the franchise is the latest evidence of the company’s ability to attract top talent and create captivating board gaming experiences.

Rivet Wars was originally launched under the CMON brand back in 2014. The Kickstarter campaign was a success raising $582,316 from 2,464 backers.

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