Hasbro's Heroscape game.
Image: Hasbro

Heroscape may be making a return after all with Renegade Game Studios picking up the baton from Hasbro and seeking to reproduce the popular miniatures games that has not seen any new iterations, bar fan-made ones, since 2010.

A recent attempt to reintroduce the game in 2022 by Avalon Hill fell utterly short, with the $2 million campaign missing the mark. Now, though, Hasbro is confident that its ongoing partnership with Renegade Game Studios may actually result in the revival of the beloved franchise.

Heroscape Is Coming Back with Renegade’s Help

Renegade and Hasbro have already announced numerous reprints together, including for games such as Robo Rally, Risk, Axis & Allies, and Diplomacy among some of the prominent titles. Whether Renegade is picking up the same title as was put forward by Avalon Hill was not detailed.

Age of Annihilation, which crowdfunded in 2022, was a largely-anticipated game that failed to convince enough people to pay the rather pricey $250 tag per copy. Renegade may be choosing a different direction, though, with the company looking to reprint the classic game as well as produce new content, expansions, and faction boxes, as well as terrain packs to allow consumers to add to the experience in a more modular and possibly affordable way.

The idea here seems to introduce new models “in a variety of configurations and price points for both new and hardcore Heroscape players.” Renegade Game Studios president and publisher Scott Gaeta welcomed the opportunity to see this project realized:

Heroscape brought a lot of people into hobby gaming and to this day there is a robust and passionate community; we look forward to growing that community and continuing to offer new and exciting models for gamers to enjoy.

Renegade Game Studios’ Scott Gaeta

Renegade to Provide Organized Play and Support for the Community

Renegade has also promised to be teaming up with hobby stores to help create a strong community around the game and involve as many people as possible over the months and years after the new game’s release, along with the additional components.

The studio will also have online play available along with organized play, meaning that people who want to experience Heroscape in a more competitive setting will be able to do so. A World Championship is also on the cards, the company confirmed.

Hasbro licensing director of global toys & sporting goods at Hasbro Bradley Bowman has welcomed this new collaboration, arguing that fans have been clamoring for the chance to experience Heroscape once again.

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