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Renegade Game Studios has revealed two new additions to the company’s dedicated roleplaying games team, ICv2 reported. Sarah Robinson and Kevin Schluter are both joining the company as it pursues more ambitious roleplaying initiatives and projects.

Building up Renegade’s RPG Team

The company already has numerous games established in the RPG universe with franchises as “My Little Pony,” “hunter: The Reckoning,” “Power Rangers,” “Transformers,” “Vampire: The Masquerade” and others. Renegade will only benefit from the two professionals’ experience and proven track record in the industry.

Robinson is a well-seasoned industry veteran and she will be taking over as Creative Director of Roleplaying Games, assuming responsibilities for the look and art of the games. She worked with Paizo Publishing for the last 18 years where she cultivated relevant experience and honed her own skills.

Her experience includes work as a graphic designer, digital illustrator and conceptual artist, infusing the original Renegade look with a bit of her own signature style. Renegade Game Studios President and Publisher Scott Gaeta welcomed Robinson’s appointment and said that company is always striving to bring the best possible games to the table. Now, through Robinson’s appointment, this will be an easier task. He added:

Art is a huge part of that. Sarah is also just a joy to work with and fits in well with the professionalism of the rest of the team.

The other addition to Renegade Game Studios is Schluter who will work as Associate Producer for the RPG vertical. Schluter comes from Asmodee North America where he worked as part of the company’s new product development. Renegade Game Studios has a ton of great games in the pipeline.

Tons of Games in the Pipeline

One of its most recent upcoming board games is “American Psycho: A Killer Game” which is set in the cinematic universe of the movie by the same name. The game has chosen to base its visuals on the movie rather than the Bret Easton Ellis with the box cover featuring Oscar-winning actor Christian Bale.

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