Renegeda Game Studios' components for American Psycho upcoming board game.
Image Source: Renegade Game Studios

Whether you are fan of Bret Ellis’ book or Mary Harron’s cinematic interpretation, chances are, you have heard about “American Psycho.” Now, thanks to Renegade Game Studios and designer Dan Blanchett known for “Power Rangers” and “Transformers: Deck-Building Game,” board game hobbyists will have the opportunity to also try “American Psycho: A Killer Game.”

The Cut-Throat World of Investment Banking… and Murder

In this chilling interpretation of the groundbreaking book, you will get to play sociopathic investment bankers who have developed a strange proclivity… for murder. The game is clearly inspired by the movie, with the art featuring Christian Bale’s image and likeness. Bale is the actor who played the antagonist, Patrick Bateman, in the 2000 movie.

This is a trick-taking game which is in line with Blanchett’s previous experience in designing board game titles inspired by cinematic culture. There is yuppie one-upmanship as Renegade Studios puts it with the stakes particularly high when you are trying to climb the corporate ladder at Pierce & Pierce while keeping your dark secret, well… a secret. The game is suited for 2-5 players and has an average playing time of 45-60 minutes. It’s suitable for players age 14+.

Your appetite for taking a life is just as big as your appetite for securing valuable assets, such as reservations to trendy restaurants and a better business card than your colleagues, whom you detest from the bottom of your heart.  And yes, to get ahead in the world can be… an absolute murder!

Great Theme and Feeling to the Game Already

You will also wear a “killer suit” when taking tricks with the cards, a sort of a trump suit that will give you the upper hand in the game, or at least individual rounds. Players will be wary of each other’s laughter and words, as the merciless world of finance is cast in a light that makes one truth immediately clear – only the fittest will survive.

As you climb your corporate leaderboard and navigate the vagaries of social life, you will eventually begin to draw murder card, representing the crimes you have committed yourself, and they will weigh you down. Before long, though, covering the trail of bodies will lead to you. The game definitely comes with a touch of darkness to it and its theme and may not be immediately palatable to all players.

The game is expected to arrive at some point in 2023 and it already seems to have shaped up nicely. The available art of the components and box art all seem to be well on point with the content done by an illustrator listed as D’zart on BoardGameGeek’s entry of the game.

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