PAX Unplugged expo area.
Image: PAX Unplugged

One of the biggest board games industry/fan get-togethers is going to be returning on December 1-3, 2023, with PAX Unplugged confirming the dates for one of the most looked forward to events in the United States and beyond. 

PAX Unplugged Locks Dates for the 2023 Event 

PAX Unplugged was launched in 2017 following the growing interest in the tabletop hobby prompting the organization to spin off from PAX West and PAX East, dedicated to video games. This decision seems even more significant now that more video game developers are adapting their titles into tabletop experiences, with Monster Hunter and Apex Legends just two of the latest examples.

As to the event, tickets are still not available to purchase but the event’s time and address have been set. PAX Unplugged is going to take place in the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, featuring an expo hall packed with exhibitors from AAA publishers from both the mainstream industry and indie developers. 

The event similarly features hundreds of tables where players can enjoy free play of various games, and demos, and pick up the rules of new games they may love. PAX Unplugged similarly features tournaments, roleplaying games, miniatures, and more.

In terms of value, there are dedicated panels that discuss a wide variety of topics, with this year’s schedule not yet available, as aren’t tickets. More information about this will be forthcoming as the event fleshes out the details. 

PAX Unplugged is a significant event on the calendar. It attracts 30,000 enthusiasts who share various passions for the tabletop and role-playing hobby, miniatures, and skirmish games. There are usually more than 70 exhibitors and strong media coverage. 

Attendance has been growing as well, as interest in boardgames continues to soar and the hobby’s profile increase throughout its various permutations, from minis to role-playing, to the bread-and-butter board games such as Bohnanza, 7 Wonders, and why not Gloomhaven

Stoyan Todorov

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