Osprey Games' Sankore.
Image credit: Osprey Games

Osprey Games has confirmed the release of a new Eurogame designed by Fabio Lopiano and Mandela Fernandez-Grandon, with Sankore: The Pride of Mansa Musa now hitting retail shelves in Q4 2023. 

Build the Most Influential African University in the 14th Century 

Sankore will be playable for 1-4 people, and it stretches for quite a while set at 150-180 minutes of playtime. Players of age 14+ will be able to play it, with the game’s action focusing on managing the best school of a university in 14th century Timbuktu. 

The illustrations are done by Ian O’Toole, a prolific and distinctive author in board game design and art. The game itself will see you manage the University of Sankoré where you will, at the behest of emperor Mansa Musa, seek to spread the knowledge all across West Africa. 

Players will be tasked with enrolling pupils, teaching classes, expanding the curriculum, growing the library, and advancing knowledge across a number of important disciplines, including astronomy, mathematics, law, and theology. The university will be under construction throughout the game with its completion affecting the end result for each player.

The game will also feature a solo mode where you play against an AI simply dubbed “Distinguished Scholar.” The system is touted as a quick and easy way to find your way when playing solo. The game itself has a gripping concept and theme and it should appeal to Eurogame fans who are not afraid of taking on a somewhat long gaming session.

Osprey Games has been in the news with new and exciting games, including the reveal of General Orders: World War II, a wargame that ambitiously incorporates the worker placement mechanics and which is being designed by the people behind the Undaunted series. The publisher is also bringing the Imperium Horizons continuation in the Imperium series this summer, for even more exciting titles to try out by Osprey! 

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