The announcement of Clank Digital.
Image: Dire Wolf Digital

Dire Wolf Digital has revealed its acclaimed Clank! series will receive a digital overhaul and be ported to Steam and mobile devices in 2024. This coincides with the launch of Clank! Legacy 2: Acquisitions Incorporated – Darkest Magic campaign, which will also allow its backers to be among the first closed-beta testers and give Dire Wolf feedback to ensure that the resulting products are to fan’s preferences.

Dire Wolf Takes Clank! To the Digital Realm

Clank! is one of the most beloved and popular board games with more than 15 releases, including both core games and expansions. The original game, which debuted in 2016, was focused on the adventures of thieves who were trying to obtain the most valuable treasures from a dragon’s hoard. 

Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure has evolved and innovated ever since, but still retaining some unique gameplay elements that have appealed to players, including the old-school dungeon crawl feeling which has won it praise from the company. The upcoming digital version of the game is not Dire Wolf’s first time adapting blockbuster board games into digital games.

In fact, Dire Wolf has already successfully introduced digital versions of acclaimed titles such as Root and Everdell. Other adaptations include MunchkinWings of Glory and Sagrada. Everdell won the Best Board Game App at the 17th Annual Golden Geek Awards.

Commenting on this opportunity, Dire Wolf President Scott Martins welcome the chance to see yet another franchise offer players a fresh digital environment in which they can enjoy it. Martins teased that Clank! Is hardly the only board game that is going to get its own digital version over the coming months. 

Clank! will be the first time we’re adapting our own board game title to the digital space, so it’s both a logical step and a chance for us to have some fun with it.

Dire Wolf President Scott Martins

Early Beta Access to Backers of Second Legacy Kickstarter

To be among the first to get the inside scoop on the upcoming Clank! Digital! next year, backers of the ongoing Clank! Legacy 2: Acquisitions Incorporated – Darkest Magic campaign would need to be at Associate or Upper Management

Martins spoke highly of the new instalment in the Clank! Legacy series and said that Dire Wolf was keen to offer a token of appreciation to its backers by allowing players who back the new Legacy campaign to also get their hands on an early access version of the digital version. 

“We’re learning a lot from the experience, with a lot of great discussion and feedback from backers, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on the next incarnation,” Martins said confident in the upcoming project.  

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