Worms: The Board Game Kickstarter preview.
Image: Mantic Games

The timeless classic and video games series, Worms, is going to get a tabletop treatment, becoming the latest video game to get its very own board games reincarnation. Now, Mantic Games is bringing a dedicated experience that will be aptly called Worms: The Board Game and it will continue the company’s long lineage of crafting successful board games based on franchises such as Hellboy, Mars Attack, and The Walking Dead. 

Those who want to get an early copy could back the Kickstarter campaign that is launching in August, with a retail rollout scheduled later in 2024. Team17 Digital CEO Michael Pattison, whose company created the original video game, hailed the arrival of a board games iteration of the popular franchise that has spanned multiple games and inspired many fond memories in entire generations.

Worms is about to be 30 years old in 2025, and Pattison said that the timing of the board games release has been excellent. “We’re thrilled that our wriggly critters will soon be battling away on tables around the world,” Pattison added. Team17 Digital has worked closely with Mantic Games to ensure that the board games iteration would do the original franchise justice.

The news was naturally welcomed by Mantic Games CEO Ronnie Renton who was stoked to have the opportunity and see the beloved franchise reinvented as well. He praised the game as addictive and tactical and promised that players would have the same “laugh-out-loud” moments that were so common when playing the computer game.

Having the opportunity to bring the same fond memories to a global audience was something that Renton personally welcomed and so did Mantic Games. The Kickstarter preview has already caused a bit of a furor as at the time of writing there are 4,869 followers who are keen to be notified of the official crowdfunding campaign in August. 

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