Steamforged Games and Euphia's new kickstarter campaign for 2022.
Image Source: Steamforged Games

A new crowdfunding campaign is set to begin on July 26 with Steamforged and Diea Games teaming up to bring the fantasy tabletop saga “Euthia” back to Kickstarter. The campaign will be the only way to acquire the sandbox fantasy adventure, which will bring back one of Board Game Geek’s highest-ranked titles of all time.

Deia Games to Work as Fully-Fledged Studio on Euthia

The game itself enjoys a Diabloesque look and feel, “Euthia” is set to bring a variety of gameplay options to its players. Players will be able to participate in an adventure that allows them to cooperate, play solo, or against each other.

Originally, Deia planned a second campaign but folded those plans to the disappointment of the franchise. Now, however, Steamforged is confident that the company will be able to assist Diea Games in bringing the title to life. Steamforged has confirmed that it is acquiring the intellectual property for the game, enabling it to ensure its vision for its long-term success.

Just recently, the company also acquired another franchise, “Rivet Wars,” bringing its original designer Ted Terranova to work on the new version as well. Diea Games stands to benefit from this acquisition, as the company will be able to become a full-time development studio as per Steamforged’s announcement.  

Steamforged CEO Rich Loxam welcomed the opportunity to incorporate the “Euthia” franchise into the company’s growing library of titles. SFG has released 11 successful Kickstarter campaigns right now, giving fans hopes that the new attempt to revisit “Euthia” will be a success. Loxam continued:

Although we typically design, develop, and publish our own games, this is Steamforged’s opportunity to use everything we’ve learned on the publishing side to help realize Diea’s dream of bringing a fantastic game back to life. We’re incredibly excited to see what the future holds.

Steamforged CEO Rich Loxam

Kickstart Exclusive Project, No Retail Options Available

Deia Games’ Tadeáš Spousta thanked SFG for granting the company the opportunity to work on the game and said that the collaboration with the company would allow Diea Games to become a “true development studio.” Spousta thanked all fans of the franchise for their patience and said that the team was working hard to make sure the game justifies expectations.

The Kickstarter campaign will be the only way to acquire the game as “Euthia” is not heading to general retail. SFG has explained that the scope of the project made it difficult to launch in retail. As to the crowdfunding campaign, there will be three pledge levels as opposed to the seven used before, providing backers with an opportunity to get all the content they want to pick in a clear and understandable manner.

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