Endeavor: Deep Sea's upcoming game cover art.
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Burnt Island Games and designers Carl de Visser and Jarratt Gray are coming back with a new game in the “Endeavor” series. The team has announced an upcoming crowdfunding campaign for the latest installment in the franchise, “Endeavor: Deep Sea” which will be launching on Gamefound in 2023 with the game expected to release in 2024.

Under the Sea Theme and Unique Gameplay

In this 1-5 players title you will set out as a marine biologist who seeks to explore the ocean’s depths and try to find a solution to rapidly deteriorating marine ecosystems. Players will be dispatched to a vast aquatic laboratory which will seek to explore and better understand sea life and what ecologists can do to preserve it.

Your characters will explore new locations, research new dive sites and publish critical science paper to help with the conservation efforts and ensure that the ecosystem so crucial for life of the planet are protected and restored. The independent research institute you are part of will empower you in various ways as you seek to develop a dedicated team who are as keen about preserving life underneath the waves as you are.

Much of the game is inspired by “Endeavor: Age of Sail,” which was a game where nautical discovery was limited to establishing a shipping empire. True to the original mechanics, though, the new game will play familiar to people who have experienced the first title. However, “Deep Sea” comes with its own unique twists that add both to the gameplay and originality of the new title.

In terms of thematical experiences, players will have to push pens as much as they will have to dive to underwater locations to collect data firsthand. The whole institute will need more experts added around the clock to sustain its sprawling ambitions in conserving marine life. The new game will also do something about the rules, with Gray and De Visser hoping that the new title may offer a quicker onboarding to new players, a lesson learned from the previous game for sure.

Co-publishing Duo Continue Their Success Story

Burnt Island Games will be working with Grand Gamers Guild to co-publish the title, following on their successful collaboration with “Age of Sail.” As a standalone publisher, Burnt Island Games is definitely a big name in the industry, but so is Grand Gamers Guild. The publisher is known for working on projects such as “Hall of the Mountain King.”

As to Grand Gamers Guild, they have published “The Artemis Project,” a fantastic worker placement game that you will definitely appreciate once you try it. As sea levels rise and marine life and biodiversity come under threat, the board gaming hobby has turned to promoting sustainability and environmental friendliness in a series of new board games.

Just recently, Queen Games has revealed two new installments in its Green Planet series, with “Powerline” and “Future Energy” inspiring players to find alternative sources of electricity and power to sustain humankind.

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