Powerline's 2D cover, a game by Queen Games.
Image Source: Queen Games/Patricia Limberger

Queen Games is back with a second game with an environmentally-friendly theme in so many hours. A BoardGameGeek has revealed a second title focused on energy production with “Powerline” by designer Dirk Henn and artist Patricia Limberger.

The other upcoming title by the publisher and designer Emanuele Ornella, “Future Energy,” focuses on a similar theme, with proper resource management and energy as the core concepts here. “Powerline” is designed for 2-4 players, will take 45 minutes of play time and is accessible to individuals who are 8+. A crowdfunding campaign for the game is expected to begin in mid-to-late August according to a forum post.

Building the Future of Energy in “Powerline”

The goal for each player in “Powerline” is to discover new sources of energy production and connect cities. The game will consist of 16 rounds with six color-coded dice that are rolled in designated spaces in the central board.

Each player will be attempting to build power lines which will range from anything between three and 12 spaces. Each space shows the result of a die. Players can go from left to right or vice versa to build their power lines as they see fit, with dice rolling the main mechanic here.

However, the number of times that dice can be used is fixed. Players may also skip a die roll, but if they do, they will immediately get a penalty. There will be phases during which the objectives of the game will be evaluated.

At the end of the game, completed power lines will be evaluated with the highest scorers coming from those lines that have connected cities. Any lines that have failed to do so will result in penalty points for the players. Understandably, the player with the most points will emerge victorious.

The game is already making wish lists with “Powerline” proving a lot of fun at first glance. Whether it holds up will be measured soon as the crowdfunding campaign ins preparing to launch.

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