Apocalypse Assassin's Creed Expansion new reveals.
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Video games are finding a new successful medium in the tabletop hobby with Assassin’s Creed establishing itself as a great franchise both amongst board game fans and the video game aficionados. Now, the next expansion for Assassin’s Creed: The Board Game – Brotherhood of Venice, will feature an open-world campaign.

Apocalypse Adds Open-World Campaign to Assassin’s Creed

Apocalypse, which is the expansion of Brotherhood of Venice, is taking on an even more ambitious project, attempting to recreate the massive experience of open worlds in video games and bring it to the tabletop. 

Apocalypse will send players exploring the Khmer Empire, formerly Cambodia, with the players taking on one of the most ambitious experiences and the game leaving the Renaissance cities of Italy for the first time.

The news was originally shared by Dicebreaker who seems to have private knowledge of the matter. The expansion will center on a campaign which will see players hunt for Isabel, a renegade assassin who has the Apple of Eden in her possession and can influence people’s minds. 

Players will have to trudge through the Cambodian jungle and track her down. The Apocalypse expansion will seek to give players more flexibility and choice, pushing the boundaries of the experience even further, and building a more robust framework in which massive RPG games can thrive as part of the board games hobby. 

Reimagining the Board Games Tabletop Experience with Assassin’s Creed

Apocalypse will also bring more enemies and foes to brave which will add challenge to the playthrough and be a joy for more experienced players who are looking to go toe-to-toe with formidable opponents. Of course, taking a stroll in the jungle can be equally precarious as there are dangers lurking in the green vegetation as well. There is a lot more coming with the new expansion. 

The Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice – Apocalypse expansion is due to start raising funds on Kickstarter in May. At the time of writing, the campaign has more than 3,300 followers.

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