Disney Lorcana's treasury trove.
Image credit: Disney

While Ravensburger has been in the habit of dropping info about its upcoming trade card game, Disney Lorcana, sparingly, the company has now dumped a fairly big chunk of information about the game. 

Lorcana Is Coming with new Details about Pricing and Lore 

The latest update brought with it a “Treasury Trove” is one of the goodies teased during the latest update, with players able to store their cards safely in the trove. There was more info offered about the pricing, too, and how booster sets will be distributed. 

Disney Lorcana is set to hit retail in August, with the second set released on November 17 in hobby stores and following up on that in retail stores on December 1. Ravensburger plans to launch quarterly sets, making the game easy to keep track of, and more or less aligned with other competitors such as Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering.

Speaking of competitors, Disney Lorcana will have booster packs consisting of 12 cards each and worth $5.99. This is more than the $4.50 paid for ten Pokémon cards and the $6 paid for 15 Magic: The Gathering cards when comparing booster packs directly. The entry-level into the game isn’t too bad, however.

The starter decks for Disney Lorcana are priced at $16.99 and gift boxes, which will come with lore trackers, damage counters, and booster packs will be available at $29.99. For the Illumineer’s Trove, which consists of 8 booster packs, deck boxes, and a player guide, players can expect to pay $49.99

Behold, Disney Lorcana’s Lore and Storyline 

This is a first closer look at the pricing model at Disney Lorcana, and fans can confirm that it’s a bit above expected, with Disney and Ravensburger betting on a strong IP and track record in developing games of sound design. Ravensburger has also fleshed out some of the storyline details in a brief update on the official game website. 

In a word, pieces of important lore have gone missing and it’s down to the players to retrieve them. There have been dollops of info about the role of glimmers, which players will summon to add to the lore of Lorcana, with more of this narrative fleshed out in future sets. Once again, the launch date for Disney Lorcana has been set for August 18, with mass retail stores getting the game on September 1.  

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