Age of Sigmar's Seraphon new boxed set.
Image credit: Games Workshop

As Warhammer’s Age of Sigmar universe is constantly growing, it’s no surprise that the Seraphon is getting some new models for their soon-to-be expanded faction.

This will come in the form of the Seraphon boxed set, which Games Workshop announced at this year’s Adepticon. In it, the servants of the Old Ones will receive a force of 10 Saurus Warriors, 5 Raptadon Chargers, and 5 Raptadon Hunters. They, in turn, will be led by a Slann Starmaster sitting comfortably on its floating throne. All of the 21 models are completely new and stunningly detailed. Both sets of Raptadon riders are designed in such a way that they can be modeled in either configuration, which is made quick and easy by using the components inside the box.

All in all, the Seraphon are getting a nice variety to their existing roster, which is sure to spice up the battlefield even more.

New Battletome to Be Added to the Box Set

The Seraphon set will also include a special edition battletome with its own cover art, a pack of warscroll cards featuring every Seraphon unit in the new battletome, and a set of 52 enhancement cards. The warscroll cards include the stats and the abilities of each unit or legendary lord, which is an extremely useful tool when the need arises to make a quick reference, or if you forget a certain ability or what it does.

Battletome: Seraphon is scheduled for release sometime in the summer, after two new battletomes for Grand Alliance Death. The exact date and price remain a mystery, at least for the time being. We will be sure to keep an eye out for future details on those releases, so stay tuned for more news.

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