Astra Millitarium combat patrol miniatures.
Image credit: Games Workshop

The latest Warhammer Community update dropped on Sunday, announcing brand new goodies from Games Workshop’s goodie bag, and this time, we will be getting a Combat Patrol: Astra Militarum. The Cadian are joining the fray with 28 miniatures delivered to you in this tight combat patrol that will feature a Field Ordnance Battery including two artillery pieces, a Sentinel and 20 Cadian Shock Troops, along with the five-man Cadian Command squad which will preside over the field of battle and issue orders to its fellow Cadian fighters.

Behold, the Cadian Descend onto the Fields of Battle 

The set is around 500 combat points making it perfect for entry and small-scale Warhammer 40,000 battles and is the latest instalment in the Combat Patrol series designed to introduce new gamers to the hobby quickly and efficiently. Just like with all other Warhammer miniatures, players can modify the weapons and firing power of their squad, affecting their point cost in the process of doing so. 

When you tinker around with the different weapons, though, remember that the Shock Troops usually have a limitation on how many weapons they can add to a squad, and it’s usually two miniatures that can be equipped with some of the other weapons that are not lasguns, such as flamethrowers. These weapons will also determine how far you can shoot and whether you can support your squad members in long-range or close-range battles depending on the weapon each miniature has. 

More Goodies in the Latest Community Update 

The update also introduced the Attilan Rough Riders, described as horsemen with explosive lances that charge into the enemy in the battlefields of the 41st Millennium to devastating effects if they connect with the enemy. Their armor-penetrating melta tips cleave through infantry and prove a menace to any organic army that decides to stand in their way. 

Games Workshop also announced the introduction of the Aegis Defence Line, a new composition of terrain pieces focusing on barricades that add a nice touch to the battlefield and make for many exciting skirmishes. The new Combat Patrol will be available for preorder on February 18, 2023, along with most of the excellent goodies introduced in the latest community update. 

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