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The Dice Tower team on stream.

The Dice Tower Reshoots the Darwin’s Journey Review

Recently, board game review titans The Dice Tower deleted their Darwin’s Journey review after a pretty big rules mistake, which essentially corrupted Tom Vasel’s gameplay experience. There was even an official apology issued, which was well received by fans, as it was self-critical and came through as honest and genuine. Now, The Dice Tower has reshot and reuploaded their review...
Tom Vasel delivering a message from The Dice Tower's team.

The Dice Tower Deletes Recent Darwin’s Journey Review After a Rules Mistake

Recently, the board game review titans The Dice Tower became the center of attention, after deleting their YouTube review of the critically acclaimed board game Darwin's Journey. The reason for the deletion of the video was a misinterpretation of the game's rules by Dice Tower founder and host Tom Vasel. He has since made a formal apology and statement...