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BattleTech Reddit Mods Ousted After Pride Month Controversy

In the latest bit of controversy within the board game world, former BattleTech Reddit moderators were ousted for their less-than-proper reaction to Pride Month. To be more specific, the moderators outright removed a zine of a queer BattleTech fanfiction without warning or explanation. This caused quite a bit of controversy and outrage, so much so that BattleTech publisher Catalyst...
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BattleTech Expansion Surpasses $4.7M, Campaign Keeps Picking Up Momentum

Recently, Catalyst Games announced that their upcoming new boxed product for their popular miniature wargame franchise BattleTech: Mercenaries, broke the $4.7-million mark in crowdfunding. The news was announced via a Kickstarter post on March 27. In a short, but heart-felt message, Catalyst Games further announced that every single backer will receive a copy of "A Splinter of Hope" -...